In 1987 Spanish director Bigas Luna created cult classic Anguish. A film within a film, the character's performance drives the film into the hearts and homes of movie goers around the world.


Out at the cinemas little do the film goers know, the horror film they are watching is little compared to what is about to happen to them.

A film within a film horror thriller following two teen girls being stalked and killed while watching a film about a murderous optometrist who stalks his victims in a movie theatre.


Luna Films & Pepon Coromina Production


Zelda Rubinstein

Michael Lerner


Director/Writer - Bigas Luna

Producers - Andres & Pepon Coromina, Norm Hill,

   George Ayoub, Xavier Visa

DOP - J.M. Civit

Editor - Tom Sabin

Music - J.M. Pagan


Time - 87 min.

Sound - Dolby

Format - 2.35:1

Shot & Presented - 35mm

Year of Production - 1987

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