A beautiful girl shows up in the life of a dull univeristy spends an incredible day with him. One year later the same girl comes back but this time she is different she is a cyborg from the future who turns his life upside-down.


Amuse Soft Entertainment, Dentsu, & Field PIctures


Hauke Ayase

Keisuke Koide


Director - Kwak Jae Yong

Producers - Young-jun Ji, Hidemi Satani, Mataichiro


Writer - Rikiya Mizushima & Isao Kiriyama (Screenplay),

     Yu Koyama (Manga)

DOP - Jun'ichiro Hayashi

Editor - Shuichi Kakesu

Music - Naoki Otsubo


Time - 118 min.

Sound - Dolby Digital

Format - 2.35:1

Shot & Presented - 35mm

Year of Production - 2008

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