The economy has crashed, food prices have soared, and the country is on the verge of famine welcome to Ireland. Fresh meat is like golddust and Mr. Harvey, the village shopkeeper, suddenly has a suspiciously fresh supply in store. His niece Rachel becomes embroiled in Harvey’s gruesome trade as she begins to fall for his savvy shop assistant Ellie.




John Cronin

Laura Donnelly

Damien Kearney

Jon Kenny

Nora-Jane Noone


Director - Jessie Kirby

Producers - John McDonnel & Eva O'Riordan

Writer - Sean Coughlan, Sara Daly & Jessie Kirby

DOP - Nick Barnes & Neil Butler

Editor - Jessie Kirby

Music - Brian Keegan


Time - 90 min.

Sound - Stereo

Format - 1.66:1

Year of Production - 2008

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