Machete Producciones & Balero Films


Arturo Barba

Cecilia Suarez

Gabriela de la Garza


Director - Lucia Carrera

Producers - Edher Campos, Rodrigo Bello, Moises Cosio

     Teresa Ruiz, Luis Salinas & Rodrigo Trujillo

Writer - Lucia Carreras

DOP - German Lammers

Editor - Oscar Figueroa

Music - Christian Basso


Time - 100 min.

Sound - Dolby Digital

Shot & Presented - 35mm

Year of Production - 2011

Pilar does not accept the death of her father. A middle age single woman she lives with the illusion her father is present. Exploring the subtle psyche of an electra relationship debut writer-director Lucia Carreras again brings to the screen another fascinating crippled person after her first script of AÑO BISIETO (LEAP YEAR).

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