On Bolivia's inland salt sea (the Salar de Uyuni), 13-year-old Kunturi and his family cut bricks of salt by hand, which they use to barter for goods. When Kunturi's grandmother falls ill, his father decides to take his son on the almost four-month journey along the salt trail (the Ruta de la Sal).


Dolphin Productions


Christian Huaygua

Faniy Mosques


Director - Toshifumi Matsushita

Producers - Keiko Komori & Toshifumi Matsushita

Writer - Toshifumi Matsushita

DOP - Carlos Crespo, Cesar Perez Hurtado, Guillermo

     Ruiz, Gustavo Soto

Editor - Toshifumi Matsushita

Music - Luzmila Carpio


Time - 108 min.

Sound - Stereo

Format - 1.85:1

Shot & Presented - 16mm & 35mm

Year of Production - 2009

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