Imagine one day something happens and a mental block comes but doesn't go, in comes a psycho diver. These divers go into your deepest thoughts searching and finding, saving you from your worst enemy, yourself.

When a a singer loses her voice, a diver goes in to help. When his head explodes another goes in to find out why. He finds an evil unparalleled, in the girls brain hides a psycho kinetic monster of absolute evil.

Join Mamoru Kanbe in this 1995 Japanese anime cult classic.


BMG Japan, Goodhill Vision, Toei Video Company


Director - Momoru Kanbe

Producers - Masao Maruyama, Masanori Sakamoto,

     Mataichiro Yamamoto

Writer - Toshiaka Kawamura & Tatsuhiko Urahata


Time - 48 min.

Sound - Stereo

Print - 35mm

Year of Production - 1995

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