YOROI Samurai Zombie

In the mountains rests a small mass grave – a sacred holy land. TWO COPS patrolling discuss the idea of destiny. One cop tells the other cop that he can tell what his destiny is and how it will end. As he utters the last word, a hand grabs his head and a sword slices. The camera pulls out to reveal the cops head on a tower adorned with human heads.

GAGA, Lotus, Notorious & Time Line Pictures


Mitsuru Fukikoshi

Issei Ishida


Director - Taku Sakaguchi

Producers - Motoi Hiraiwa, Yuka Hoshino, Akihiko 

     Isogai, Shin'ya Kawai, Takahiro Kiyosue, Haruo

     Umekawa, Yasuhide Uno

Writer - Ryuhei Kitamura

DOP - Koji Kanaya

Music - Nobuhiko Morino


Time - 95 min.

Shot & Presented - 35mm

Year of Production - 2008

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